Vintage Amateur Radio Repairs in South Wales

Vintage Amateur Radio Servicing and Refurbishment.

As a licensed radio amateur for over 35 years ( call sign GW4JPC) I am now in the fortunate position of being able to combine my hobby and profession by offering support to the owners of vintage valve communications equipment. I have a growing collection of British and American made communications receivers and transmitters dating back to the 1940's' plus many spare parts to fall back on. If you have an ageing piece of equipment that you feel deserves a new lease of life, then I am able to help with repairs and refurbishment that will not break the bank. Even though I only collect British and American gear at present I will work on any make of valve or hybrid (valve & transistor) amateur radio equipment.


This is a rare version of the HRO Junior Receiver known as US Navy Model RBJ-4, with its' rack mounting Power Supply Unit. This one also had a complete set of coil packs in a rack mounting storage unit.

Vintage and Older Types of Amateur Radio Equipment

The following makes of ham radio and vintage communications equipment can be catered for, although this list is not exhaustive:

  • KW
  • Collins
  • Drake
  • Hallicrafters
  • Hammarlund
  • Heathkit
  • Trio/ Kenwood
  • Yaesu Musen/ Sommerkamp
  • Star
  • Lafayette
  • National
  • Eddystone
  • Racal
  • Codar
  • Labgear
  • Minimitter

Domestic valve radios, 'steam radios', can also be serviced or restored, depending on whether the particular radio is intact and not riddled with woodworm or in a broken bakelite cabinet! In these cases I would say save your money and look for something better as a basis for restoration, but if the radio is of some sentimental value it can be saved and got working again, although the time taken will bump up the costs. Please see my Vintage Domestic Valve Radio page.

If you are looking for a fully serviced/ refurbished HF receiver or transceiver please contact me as I do have these in the workshop on a regular basis.

Please note that I do not generally touch anything manufactured during the past 20 years! I would recommend contacting Geoff at Castle Electronics or Dave at DAW Electronics.