VOX AC30-6

Venerable Vox AC30-6

The venerable Vox AC30-6 circa 1964, not be confused with the current Chinese made version. This one has a bit of provenance having belonged to the Welsh enter Max Boyce.

Rivera Fandango Combo

The Rivera Fandango Combo Amplifier

This very nice boutique amplifier offers a better build quality and different features to most mass produced models.

Rivera Fandango Bias Adjustment

The Rivera Fandango Combo Amplifier

Adjusting the bias of the Rivera Fandango combo amplifier pictured below. This is generally done after a new set of output valves has been fitted.

Marantz 1300DC Amplifier

Marantz 1300DC Console Amplifier

A high end HiFi stereo amplifier from the mid 1970s giving a hefty 150 Watts RMS per channel in to 8 Ohms with both channels driven. This one was in for restoration after having lost most of its' knobs and buttons. There were also a few dry solder joints that needed attention. A super collectable amplifier from the golden era of Marantz. Worth about £2500 in fully restored condition!

Nikko 8085 Receiver

Refurbished Equipment

The much underrated Nikko company made some nice HiFi equipment in the 1970s. This is an 8085 receiver giving about 50 Watts RMS per channel. This one was a charity shop find and is in very good condition, requiring just a light cleaning and a new bulb behind the signal strength meter. This lovely sounding receiver is worth about £200 and will be available for sale once it leaves the workshop.